I have a program that I use a placeholder and in the codebehind, I create a series of checkboxlist&#039;s based on a database select statement. What I need to do is capture when a checkbox is checked, or unchecked. Can someone help with this? Is it as simple as creating the OnSelectedIndexChanged into the codebehind? If so, how do I do that? sample code would be most helpful....<BR><BR>========================Start Code=============================<BR> For Each r In dsSoftOnce.Tables(0).Rows<BR> intCount = intCount + 1<BR> w = w + 1<BR> <BR> Dim cbxVersion As New CheckBoxList<BR><BR> cbxVersion.ID = "cbxVersion" & Convert.ToString(w)<BR> cbxVersion.RepeatDirection = RepeatDirection.Horizontal<BR> cbxVersion.CellPadding = 5<BR>Next<BR>========================End Code===============================