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    Srilatha Guest

    Default Jmail on NT workstation

    To get Jmail working on NT workstation do you need to have the SMTP service working?<BR><BR>If yes, are there any other mail components that can be used with NT workstation.

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    Anton Bawab Guest

    Default RE: Jmail on NT workstation

    I use JMAil on NTServer, NTWorkstation and Win98 without any problems nor SMTP services running... for that fact I use the mail server of our provider and that does the trick for me !!!!<BR><BR>Anton Bawab<BR>SHA HMS Les Roches

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    Srilatha Guest

    Default RE: Jmail on NT workstation

    Did you have to do any extra stuff after installing Jmail, like some configuration changes.<BR><BR>How did you get your code to communicate to the mail server.<BR><BR>Can you provide me some help on this,<BR>Appreciate your input,<BR>Thanks<BR>Srilatha

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    VICHU Guest

    Default RE: Jmail on NT workstation

    Hi latha:<BR><BR>email me at my address for more on this subject...

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    Anton Bawab Guest

    Default Sample code to use JMail

    Here you go.. works like a charm for me.<BR><BR>dim JMail<BR>SET JMail = Server.CreateObject("JMail.SMTPMail")<BR>Set TT = New TextTemplate<BR>JMail.ServerAddress = ""<BR>JMail.Sender = ""<BR>JMail.SenderName = "Sender Name"<BR>JMail.Subject = "Subject of the message"<BR>JMail.AddRecipient ""<BR>JMail.Body = strEmailBody<BR>JMail.Priority = 2<BR>JMail.Execute<BR><BR>Anton Bawab<BR>SHA HMS Les Roches

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