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    I need the script to allow orderly alphabetical selection of items in dropdown list. I mean, when a tab key directs to a dropdown box, then you type an alphabet, say "K" then it jumps to item starting with "K", then if you type "A", then it must show an item starting with "KA" and so on...<BR><BR>For example...<BR>If I have items in the list as <BR><BR>Accessories<BR>Hat<BR>Jewelry<BR>Shoes<BR> Shirts<BR><BR>Now, the tab is moved on the dropdown list. In the normal process, when I type "S", it shows "Shoes". Then, when I type "H" it shows "Hat"... Now, I need it to remain on "Shoes" again, when I type "H" after "S", then I type "I", it should show "Shirts". Is that possible using some script. Please help me.

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    Have a browse through the Social forum - particuarly conversations between myself and Boondock Saint.<BR><BR>There&#039;s a script there that you&#039;ll need to adapt.<BR><BR>Craig.

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