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    Hi,<BR><BR>Could anyone please answer the following:<BR><BR>(a) How to detect the height and width of an image<BR>(b) Can a thumb nail be produced without using a component<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance<BR><BR>cfcooke

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    1) Yes, you can detect the width and height of an image. I have a function that can do this... let me know if you want me to post it (I didn&#039;t write it, though).<BR><BR>2) No, you cannot produce a thumbnail without a component. Of course, you can just reduce the width and height in your HTML code but the image would still be the same file size. To lower the resolution (and also resize the image), you need a component. I recommend using something like Softartisans&#039; ImgWriter, which is a pretty decent component since it can also add watermarks etc.

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