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    I've heard that MSDE only allows 15 or so connections. If I have a web application that calls the connection, can I only have 15 or so visitors at one time? I have a site that will be receiving hundreds of pageviews at a time... Should I just go with SQL Server or would MSDE suffice?

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    Im sure you will be fine.<BR><BR>Browsing is not the same as a connection.<BR><BR>You opening a connection to the database to run a query.<BR>Thats a connection.<BR><BR>And how long are your connections open for?<BR>100 - 200 miliseconds? more, less?<BR><BR>Within the time frame of 200 Miliseconds, think you would have over 15 connections hitting database as same time?<BR>Say 15 connections per second = 900 Database connections per minute. (Roughly Speaking)<BR><BR>So if you use 1 connection per page, and each page takes a full second for opening and closeing connection, then 900 pages a minute (roughly can be handled)...<BR><BR>And if your smart where at top of your pages, you open connection, get data and get out, close connection, then do all the processing...<BR><BR>Well lets just say it can handle lots of hits.<BR><BR>But again, it all depends on how fast you open and close connections, and the math above...<BR><BR>Sound reasonable?

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