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    Dear all, <BR><BR>I need to be able to call a servlet from an asp page and then get the servlet response and process it from the asp page. In a way you could say that i want to use the servlet as a cgi or a web-service. <BR><BR>This servlet is going to do some work for my asp page and then return a result. Why use a servlet while not knowing how to call it from asp? The servlet exists and works fine so i have to learn how to use it.<BR><BR>So the question is how can i call the servlet from my asp code? If anybody knows how to call a cgi he is more than welcome as i believe the process must be similar. <BR><BR>Be carefull. I&#039;m using asp NOT is much simpler and more powerfull). <BR><BR>Thank you in advance<BR><BR>

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    Default If you use the MS Java VM...

    ...then I believe there is a relatively easy way to "wrap" a Java object inside a (dummy) ActiveX object, and then of course the ActiveX object is easily called from ASP.<BR><BR>Back in 1997 or so, MS was hot to trot on this technology, as they wanted to be able to be language neutral on the server. Now, of course, they&#039;d just as soon never hear about Java on the server. But the technology existed back then, so it should still work. <BR><BR>I think if you GOOGLE for this, you&#039;ll find it. Might even find it via a search at<BR><BR>

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