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    Hello,<BR>I was curious if any of you had any suggestions for making my asp pages a little more friendly for search engines. I seem to have a lower than normal PR for any pages that are:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Obviously there are lots of factors that may be involved as to why these pages may not be doing the best in the Search Engine however on my large site with a fairly high PR, the pages that are coded with asp using database driven content seem to have abnormally low rankings. I am about ready to use plain html instead but that would waste a lot of time and there must be a better solution.<BR><BR>Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

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    Take a look at the pages where you get a good pr and the ones you dont...<BR>What difference do you see?<BR><BR>And I dont mean look with an editor.<BR>Browse the site. Do view source&#039;s on pages to find differences.<BR><BR>The file extention, ie: htm, html, asp, aspx, php etc.... has absolutely nothing to do with search engines period.<BR><BR>It&#039;s based on the content that gets sent to the browser that the search engings look at.<BR><BR>Look at meta tags. Did you stuff them full of stuff? You loose points for that I think.<BR>Your title field. Is it descriptive for the page (And not stuffed again)<BR><BR>Having a few good key words in the title field, and in the meta tag, and having those words show up in pages content a few times does wonders.<BR><BR>Why not go to google and see how they rank web pages?<BR>Im pretty sure they post it there somewhere.<BR>

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