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    I have built an ASP application and I am now thinking about performance testing. I have looked at some of the web stress tools and they seem to be more focused on the server&#039;s performance and do not provide simple feedback.<BR><BR>I really want to know how many concurrent users my application will support based on the server on which it is sitting.<BR><BR>I realise there are a huge number of variables when looking at performance but surly there is a relatively simple method of bench marking. <BR><BR>Has anyone had any major performance issues with ASP and SQL Server?<BR><BR>Also how do others test the scalability of their work?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Steve<BR>

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    Strss test tools are probably your best starting point.<BR><BR>You normally tell it how many users to attempt to simulate, and it gives you feedback metrics like max/min/avg ttfb (time to first byte), ttb (time to last byte) etc.<BR><BR>By playing with the numbers to simulate different usage patterns, you can quite easily work out the scalability of your system. For example, test the system for 1 minute with two "users" making requests every 20 seconds over say 20 pages. Take those numbers and plot them on whisker graphs (time against users). Now repeat with 5 users. Then 10. Then 15. Then 20.<BR><BR>Plot all the data on whisker graphs and you&#039;ll soon spot where your your "stress index" (heh, my new term) increases drastically. This is the point where the number of users over the time taken to service a request is no longer linear.<BR>In fact, if you&#039;re finding it hard to see from the whisker graphs above, plot them instead as users against (user over time) and you should see a horizontal-ish line. When it starts deviating from that line, you&#039;ve reached a point where your system is starting to not cope.<BR><BR>Craig.

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