where i should get CDONTS from ?

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Thread: where i should get CDONTS from ?

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    Kashif Maqsood Guest

    Default where i should get CDONTS from ?

    i&#039m using Win95 with PWS,<BR>when i want to send an email using ASP i see that CDONTS is not installed on my computer, what should i do?

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    randy Guest

    Default RE: where i should get CDONTS from ?

    I was asking the same question to my self a few days ago and good news is that I just had my mass mailing and auto response worked yesterday. CDONTS is only for an NT server running with IIS 4.0. If you are using a win 95 with PWS you could try using the JMAIL component which is absolutely free and fast. The disadvantage is that you cannot have a web enable email application with JMAIL (as far as I know?) compared to what you could do on CDONTS.

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