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    Hi guys,<BR>I created a web application on my localhost and it works fine.<BR>Now I would like to copy the same application to another computer (not TEST or PROD server) to demo the application.<BR><BR>I just copied all the files to the other computer, and tried to open vbproj file, but I am sure that I am not doing it right.<BR><BR>Can you please let me know how to deal with this situation.<BR><BR>Thank you all in advance.<BR><BR>

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    &#062;but I am sure that I am not doing it right.<BR><BR>What does that mean? Are you getting errors? What errors? What&#039;s happening? Why are you not sure?

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    Default Demoing or editing ??

    vbproj file is for opening your project in Visula Studio(or maybe WebMatrix ?).<BR><BR>But you are saying you want to demo it !<BR>So you don&#039;t have to open the vbproj file, you will need a cuople off things and hers some:<BR>IIS myst be installed (This is possible on Windows 2000 pro / server, XP pro and 2003 server)<BR>.Net must be installed (1.1 sp1 is the latest offical version)<BR><BR>Then you need to set up a virtual folder in IIS where you put your files and run the *.aspx file.<BR>Your url should look like somethinge like:<BR>http://localhost/virtualfolder/myapplication.aspx<BR><BR>More on how to set upp iis and the other stuff can be found on google / / /

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