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    I want to create form authenication security for an app using and = SQL Server). The challenge I have is the data source for the ADO.NET has to dynamically change the catalog(database name) based on the user&#039;s credential. For example, I want user A login and assign her initial catAlog to database Accountant, and if User B, her initial catalog would be database Marketing. Also their initial catelog should stay the same throught out the login session. I also want to access this connection pool in every aspx page in this application.<BR><BR>I&#039;m wonder if anyone can shred some light of some techniques on how to do this in with

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    One easy way off the top of my head...Have a single connection string that *all* users share when initially logging in, that returns, with the valid login, the name of the inital catalog that they should be hitting. Then, build a user-specific connection string, and store it in session. Then, anytime they need to connect, pull their connection string out of their session.

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