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    rahul chakrabarti Guest

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    I have a ASP form in which the users enter some info and the info gets e-mailed (using CDONT object) to the headquarters<BR>via intranet.Now, before e-mailing that info, my users want to print it to a printer.Is there any Print object which I can use for that.I can&#039t use the Menu--&#062;File--&#062;Print option because<BR>I have several fields in the form which are pretty big and the<BR>above option only does a screen print.Moreover, I have Internet<BR>explorer v3.0 as the browser and IIS 4.0. What will be the best way of printing out my form to a printer?? My e-mail id. is<BR><BR>I will appreciate it very much if somebody answers this.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Karun Guest

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    on submitting of the form you should create another popup window with only the necessary fields and let the user print from that window.<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR><BR>good luck!<BR><BR><BR>

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