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    I am looking for advice regarding designing a Historical Stock Quote database.<BR><BR>Tracking around 3000 symbols, I would be storing End of Day summary information for each symbol.<BR><BR>The number of columns would probably be in the neighborhood of 10.<BR><BR>I would expect that every year, the database would grow by approx. 800,000 Rows.<BR><BR>Compiling the historical data will then consume 800,000 * n Years worth of rows with my desired number of years being probably 15 or 20.<BR><BR>I have made a single table prototype and populated it with about 1 million temp records. The queries are slow.<BR><BR>I have no experience with large scale data storage and am hoping someone might be able to expose some tips or techniques.<BR><BR>Some of the Ideas I have come up with are:<BR>1) To split the database into 26 tables; each one being named a letter of the alphabet.<BR>2) Denormalize by storing the actual symbol name in the table instead of a Key to a Symbols Table (remove join i know will help a bunch)<BR><BR>Thoughts?<BR>Thanks, Jason

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    #1 is a bad idea.<BR><BR>#2 has some merit. I&#039;m all for denormalizing for the sake of reality. :) However, how will you handle it if a symbol changes names over time?<BR><BR>Additionally, I believe your performance could probably be affected by what indexes you have and how you are querying the table.

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