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    Default in continuation to this<BR><BR>< BR>I think there is something wrong in this code...can someone point to me..where what is wrong.<BR><BR>For count = 1 To 10000000 <BR> If RS.EOF Then Exit For <BR> If count MOD 10 = 0 Then <BR> ... page break ... <BR> End If <BR> ... main output of record ... <BR> RS.MoveNext <BR>Loop

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    Default It should be...

    ...For and then Next at the end. There is no such thing as For...Loop. However, I don&#039;t see the point of the For going up to 1 million (or whatever). Why not do this?<BR><BR>While Not RS.EOF<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;If count ...<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;...<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;RS.MoveNext< BR>Wend<BR><BR>Oliver.

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