I&#039;m building a web quiz to dynamically created text boxes for answer input. I the output works correctly, but I am having trouble getting the answers to be posted back to the database. The method i&#039;m trying to use is the insert method, which also works, but I can&#039;t figure out how to read the values from the text boxes. Each text box is given a unique ID. The underline code is the insert portion. Also, I&#039;m not sure of where in the code this should go. The text boxes are created in a loop. The code is below: <BR><BR>ForEach dr In MyTable.Rows<BR><BR>&#039; Print the values of the two columns in the Columns<BR>&#039; collection for each row.<BR><BR>Dim tblRow AsNew TableRow<BR>Dim tblCell1 AsNew TableCell<BR>Dim tblRow2 AsNew TableRow<BR>Dim tblCell2 AsNew TableCell<BR><BR>&#039;collection for a space in between rows<BR>Dim tblRow4 AsNew TableRow<BR>Dim tblCell4 AsNew TableCell<BR><BR>&#039;create your label<BR>Dim lblTest AsNew Label<BR>lblTest.Text = MyTable.Rows(loop1).Item("Question_num") & ". " & MyTable.Rows(loop1).Item("Question")<BR>lblTest.ID = "lbl" & loop1<BR>lblTest.Font.Bold = True<BR><BR>&#039;create your text box<BR>Dim txtTest AsNew TextBox<BR>txtTest.ID = "txt" & loop1<BR>txtTest.Rows = 6<BR>txtTest.TextMode = TextBoxMode.MultiLine<BR>txtTest.Columns = 50<BR><BR><BR>myInsertQuery = "INSERT INTO tblAnswers (Answer) " _<BR>& "Values (@Text)"<BR><BR>Dim myCommand2 As New OleDbCommand(myInsertQuery)<BR><BR>myCommand2.Para meters.Add("@Text", txtTest.Text)<BR><BR>myCommand2.Connection = MyConnection2<BR><BR>MyConnection2.Open()<BR><BR>m yCommand2.ExecuteNonQuery()<BR><BR>myCommand2.Conn ection.Close()<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>&#039;Add label and text box to cells<BR>tblCell1.Controls.Add(lblTest)<BR>tblCell 2.Controls.Add(txtTest)<BR>tblCell4.Text = "."<BR><BR>&#039;Add cells to the table row<BR>tblRow.Cells.Add(tblCell1)<BR>tblRow2.Cells .Add(tblCell2)<BR>tblRow4.Cells.Add(tblCell4)<BR>< BR>&#039;Add the new row to your table<BR>Table1.Rows.Add(tblRow)<BR>Table1.Rows.Ad d(tblRow2)<BR>Table1.Rows.Add(tblRow4)<BR><BR>loop 1 = loop1 + 1<BR><BR>Next<BR><BR>Dim tblRow3 AsNew TableRow<BR><BR>Dim tblCell3 AsNew TableCell<BR><BR>Dim btnEndTest AsNew Button<BR><BR>btnEndTest.ID = "btnEndTest"<BR><BR>btnEndTest.Visible = True<BR><BR>btnEndTest.Text = "End Test"<BR><BR>btnEndTest.Height.Pixel(120)<BR><BR>< BR><BR>tblCell3.Controls.Add(btnEndTest)<BR>tblRow 3.Cells.Add(tblCell3)<BR>Table1.Rows.Add(tblRow3)< BR><BR>EndIf<BR><BR><BR>Please Help! Thanks in advanced.<BR>