hi, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas or knew of any resources about a how to create a drag and drop interface for assigning tasks/jobs to different people.<BR><BR>i know that dhtml and flash both support some level of drag drop functionality, and i need to combine this with task information being pulled out of a database.<BR><BR>i was broadly thinking of listing people down the left of the page, with time slots (possibly every 1/4 hour) across the top. Bars of various lengths could represent tasks, the length of the bar would relate to the length of the task. <BR><BR>i guess the real problem is how, if i&#039;ve dragged a task onto someone else, how the new information from the target is received about the time/user and what triggers the update of this information when i "drop" the task (how the drop is detected). <BR><BR>Any ideas on how this could be achieved would be much appreciated. <BR>