i seem to have a problem with a search script i wrote. when u enter one search term it goes well, from 2 on it goes wrong...<BR><BR>it works quite easily: you type in a few keywords (seperated by spaces or something else), the data gets sent to the search page, there it is chopped into seperate tags, and matching results from a database are shown on a datagrid)<BR>(i left out the declarations, but everything is declared; the ones with dtt before are datatables)<BR>the code(everything right up to where i attach the command parameter to the searchitems works, from there on it goes bad.):<BR><BR>ourconnection = new oledbconnection("provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0; data source=" & system.appdomain.currentdomain.basedirectory() & "dtbsearch2.mdb;")<BR>ourcommand = new oledbcommand("select * from qrysearch where keyword= ? ", ourconnection)<BR>ourcommand.parameters.add("@keyw ord", oledbtype.varchar,20).value="leeg"<BR>ourdataadapt er = new oledbdataadapter(ourcommand)<BR>dim dttPages as new datatable<BR><BR>for Nteller = 0 to dttsearchstring.rows.count-1<BR> ourcommand.parameters(0).value = dttsearchstring.rows(Nteller)("zoekstukje").tostri ng()<BR> ourdataadapter.fill(ourdataset, "qrysearch")<BR> dim nDataTeller as integer<BR> for each dttPages in ourdataset.tables <BR> for nDataTeller = 0 to dttPages.rows.count-1 <BR> dttResults.importrow(dttPages.rows(nDataTeller))<B R> next<BR> next dttpages<BR> dttpages = nothing<BR> ourdataadapter.dispose()<BR> <BR>next<BR>mydataview = new dataview(dttresults) <BR>ourdatagrid.datasource = mydataview<BR>ourdatagrid.databind()<BR><BR>i do use asp.net 1.1 any help would be most appreciated