Hi all,<BR><BR>Using the info contained in the articles on data shaping here in 4-Guys:<BR><BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/092599-1.2.shtml<BR><BR>I have set up a query to return all articles on my website by article category. The HTML table holding the results has three columns, the middle one being just a 10-pixel space between the columns. The category name has a colspan of 3, and the article titles and URLS are displayed below devided between the two columns (with the space in between)<BR><BR>I would like to be able to count the number of records that are going to be returned from the child recordset (the titles and authors of the articles) so that I can evenly distribute them between the two table cells.<BR><BR>The obj containing the records is titled "objArticles". I&#039d like to divide the number of articles being listed in any particular category by 2, putting half of the articles in the left table column, then skip the spacing column, and putting the rest of the article titles in the right table column. This allows for a even presentation.<BR><BR>So - the question is - can I count the number of records in a child recordset?<BR><BR>Ideas?<BR><BR>Richard<BR>