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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I have quite a lot pages that resubmit to themselves and i am beginning to think that this would slow them down due to pr0cessing of &#039;If&#039; and &#039;For&#039; statements. Is there a common school of thought on whether this really makes a difference?<BR><BR>I am trying to decide whether to split my code over multiple pages to try and gain some speed improvements and better readability when editing the code.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>ab

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    Oh, maybe the time it takes to actually execute one IF statement. Something on the order of a couple of microseconds, no doubt.<BR><BR>But in compensation, the single page has a better chance of staying "hot" and so staying in main memory. So it doesn&#039;t have to be compiled each time. Which can take several milliseconds. If it weren&#039;t for the fact that even a pair of pages is likely to stay "hot", this alone would be enough to argue for one-page approaches. But the caches in modern machines are many megabytes in size, so I&#039;d be very very surprised if you can see a difference in performance.<BR><BR>Worry about other things. Such as doing too many Response.Write&#039;s and/or using too-expensive DB cursors and/or using ADDNEW instead of SQL, etc., etc., etc.<BR><BR>

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