I&#039;m not getting any errors... but the email is not being sent. It&#039;s all sitting in the mailrootPickup folder under inetpub.<BR>??<BR>My code looks like this:<BR>response.write "1"<BR> Const CdoBodyFormatText = 1<BR> Const CdoBodyFormatHTML = 0<BR> Const CdoMailFormatMime = 0<BR> Const CdoMailFormatText = 1<BR> Dim Message &#039;As New cdonts.NewMail<BR><BR> &#039;Create CDO message object<BR> Set Message = CreateObject("cdonts.NewMail")<BR> response.write "2"<BR> With Message<BR><BR><BR> .To = "julie.woo@vaughan.ca"<BR> .Subject = "Test Message"<BR> .Body = "hello there"<BR> .MailFormat = CdoMailFormatMime<BR> .BodyFormat = CdoBodyFormatHTML<BR> .From ="NWI@Test.com"<BR> &#039;Send the message<BR> .Send<BR>response.write "3"<BR> End With