I am having a problem with a web application that is an order tracking program for my employer. Each order in the database has an order table which contains pricing, and an orders_track table which contains all the tracking information for the order. I thought this was the best way to distribute the amount of data between the two tables, but I’m starting to think it was a bad idea. There should be a one-to-one relationship between the two tables, because there will never be an instance of two tracking records for one order. Due to my ignorance, and because I did not see any other option, I added both tables to a dataset in visual studio and created a constraint between the two using orders_track as the parent table and orders as the child. I did this because it looked like the easiest way to get tracking information for a datagrid using the orders table. However, when it comes to the point when I need to retrieve all orders that fulfill a certain requirement in the tracking table, I have a problem. How can I fill the tables in my dataset on the page so that the child records are filtered from whatever is in the parent table?<BR><BR>My code looks like:<BR><BR>conOrders.Track_Adapter.SelectCommand .CommandText += “ WHERE OE = False”<BR>conOrders.Track_Adapter.Fill(Orders1, "Orders_track")<BR>conOrders.Adapter.Fill(Orde rs1, "Orders")<BR>