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    hi, i&#039;m new to .net and currently porting an asp 3.0 application to .net. to illustrate my question, i have two folders on the server:<BR><BR>MyOldASP3App<BR>MyNewASPNetApp<BR>< BR>when i&#039;ve finished porting the app, i need to change the folder name of &#039;MyNewASPNetApp&#039; to &#039;MyOldASP3App&#039; since this is a website that users reference and have bookmarked. are there any &#039;catches&#039; when doing something like this? is there more to it than just changing the folder name? i have no idea what does in the background when i create new project and don&#039;t want to find out later on down the road that some file or process is still trying to reference &#039;MyNewASPNetApp&#039;. thanks.<BR>

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    Every dot net project folder has a virtual folder created in the IIS and this virtual folder will be referring to it. When you change the folder name to a new name the reference will no more be valid and infact the virtual folder will no more existing and the application will not run as intended. <BR><BR>When you have changed the folder name, then do not forget to create a virtual folder with the old folder name with a reference to the new folder. Now the application should work as expected.

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