Hi All!<BR><BR>I have a problem in ASP.NET.<BR><BR>MyTask:<BR>------<BR>I have few Server controls and Few Client HTML Controls in my WebForm.<BR><BR>Client HTML Controls: 4 Input Controls (type=Text), 1 List BOX (&#060;Select&#062;), 2 Input controls (Type=Button; named Add and Del)<BR><BR>WebForm Controls: 2 DropDownListBoxes, 4 TextBoxes, Button (to Submit Page)<BR><BR>1.After entering the details in the Input(text) controls when i click Button "Add", the contents of the all the 4 controls will be added to the client side ListBox one by one.<BR>At any point if i want to delete i will click the button "Delete" it will removes the selected item from the ListBox.<BR><BR>The Problem I am Facing:<BR>------------------------------<BR>1.When page get refresh values in the Client List Box are disappearing.<BR>2.When i click Submit (ServerSideButtonControl) I am not able to get the values in the Client Side ListBox.<BR><BR><BR>Can anybody help me in this regard.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance....<BR><BR>Nag K.