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    I have 3 dropdown lists. All 3 lists have the values 1,2,3,4 and 5.<BR><BR>I need a way in which if the user drops down list 1 (for example) it multiplies the value selected by a hidden value (in this case (0.70) and outputs the total value.<BR><BR>And then if the user drops down list 2 it multiplies is by 1.20 and adds this onto the total. and so on..<BR><BR>How can this be achieved?

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    Client-side scripting. Bind events to the onChange event handler on the &#060;select&#062; box, and have some functions that do your calculations (should be simple), and output the result to.... Well, you haven&#039;t specified.<BR><BR>What part is giving you trouble?<BR><BR>Craig.

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