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    Matt Russell Guest

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    Does anyone have the knowledge of how to emulate the functionality of Visual InterDevs&#039 DTC&#039s? (i.e. How to capture client side events to trigger server side code without refreshing the page)????<BR><BR>I&#039 Like to be isuing pure JavaScript / ADO 2.1....:(

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    Matthew Hazlett Guest

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    The technical reason why client side and server side don&#039t "play nice" is the vars on the client are just that, on the client. And the server can&#039t read memory from the client.<BR><BR>Although, there are several workarounds. I don&#039t know the scope of your project but two of the ways I have gotten around that are:<BR><BR>-- Invisible frames<BR>-- Heres a quick sample i can think of<BR>Prompt the user for a password in the main frame (with a form)<BR>then have the post go to the invisible frame, do database queries or whatever to verify the pw. If its not valid do a javascript.alert it will look seemless to the user<BR><BR>-- Javascript - opener.document.form.passdata.value<BR>I have also done some stuff using this method<BR><BR>Hope that gives you some ideas

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