I read the tutorial for displaying images from a database but ran into an error:<BR> Within my table "teams" I have a field called &#039;timage&#039; which contains the path to an image (/images/logo.jpg).<BR> All I wantg to do is display that logo next to its corresponding team.<BR><BR>I thought I could do something like this:<BR> &#060;% dim pic<BR> pic="SELECT timage FROM teams WHERE ID=1" %&#062;<BR> &#060;IMG SRC="pic"&#062;<BR><BR>Now I am sure everyone will laugh becuase that is really wrong, but I am new and don&#039;t know the problem. The tutorial said I had to create a new .asp page to display the image, I didn&#039; think that applied to what I am trying to do and tried to work around that. Please help me. thanks!