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    Well in Yahoo for example if we choose the formatting , then we can use the features like bold and italic of desired words.<BR><BR>I would like to know to do this, probably some useful links or literature.<BR><BR>Once the user does the formatting of a particular doc then I want to save it in the same formated page.<BR><BR>so that next time when the user opens the page, the formatting done should be intact.<BR><BR>Thanks for all your time and input.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Jpn

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    Default Willing to spend a LITTLE money?

    And I do mean very little.<BR><BR><BR><BR>You&#039;ve probably seen Atrax&#039;s posts here. He&#039;s a great person and can help you if you have problems using his code. This is one of the best "rich editors" that I have seen.

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