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Thread: how to validate and search for wild cards

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    Default how to validate and search for wild cards

    what is the syntax for numbers so i can validate them in a text box? <BR><BR>example if textbox&#060;&#062;"number" then <BR>response.redirect("error.html")<BR><BR>and how do you put wild cards in this select statement<BR><BR>strsql="SELECT * from qrydoctors where pinnumber=&#039;"& varcookie &"&#039; and phylastname=&#039;"&formsearch&"&#039;"<BR><BR>i want to put a * after each form search but wer will i put it <BR><BR>the form search is = to request.form("search")<BR>

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    Default I already answered the second question...

    To find your posts from the day before, click on the "See posts from xx/xx/2004 to yy/yy/2004" at the top of the main message area.<BR><BR>" ... AND phylastname LIKE &#039;%" & formsearch & "%&#039;"<BR><BR>* does not work form ADO. Only % does.<BR><BR>***************************<BR><BR>As for your first question: Lots of ways. Probably adequate for most purposes is<BR> value = Request("formFieldName")<BR> If Not IsNumeric( value ) Then<BR> Response.Redirect "error.html"<BR> End If<BR> value = CDbl( value ) &#039; convert to number before going on<BR><BR>But you can check for ranges of numbers and more. And you can and should do that in the browser, using JavaScript, so the user gets a message before the form posting proceeds.<BR><BR>

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