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    can i make session collection<BR><BR>like<BR><BR>Session("user")("nam e") = "xxx"<BR>Session("user")("age") = "xxx"<BR>Session("user")("contact") = "xxx"<BR><BR>etc..<BR>if so how can we access all collection of Session("user")<BR><BR>

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    Default No, you can't...

    A session variable can hold a single value. Period.<BR><BR>Why not just do<BR> Session("user_name") = "xxx"<BR> Session("user_age") = "xxx"<BR> Session("user_contact") = "xxx"<BR><BR>Ummm...I suppose I should say that the "single value" in a session variable *can* be an entire *ARRAY. See the ASPFAQs, category "Arrays", to see how to do that.<BR><BR>

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