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    Hallo all,<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me if it is possible to print a document from the pc on the printer. I want a document choser like an atechment choser for e-mail but instead of atach the document the computer must print it on a printer. Is this possible and how can I make it?

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    Default Print on the client or the server? ...

    ...If you want to print on the server, I think there are some articles somehwere - a quick Google should find them.<BR><BR>If it&#039;s on the client, you could either do a document.print in JavaScript, which brings up the print dialog, or if you don&#039;t want that, then you&#039;d have to install an ActiveX component on the client (note: not everybody is happy to install a component on their computer for fear of viruses and spyware). I don&#039;t know if you can get an ActiveX component like that anywhere or whether you&#039;d have to write your own. Again, a quick Google might come up with some solutions or ideas.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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