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    Hi,<BR>I got two tables cop and cophis. I store old records of applicant in cophis. cop is updated with new records. In each table applicant can store upto 6 records. I got two columns prefnum and coursenum in both the tables. If coursenum is different in cop when compared with cophis then i need to submit to database if they are not same then i should not do anything. Please through some light. I tried it using the below code which is not working.<BR><BR>If trim(rsData("Qual_num")) = trim(rsHis("Qual_num")) _<BR> AND trim(rsData2("Qual_num")) = trim(rsHis2("Qual_num")) _<BR> AND trim(rsData3("Qual_num")) = trim(rsHis3("Qual_num")) _<BR> AND trim(rsData4("Qual_num")) = trim(rsHis4("Qual_num")) _<BR> AND trim(rsData5("Qual_num")) = trim(rsHis5("Qual_num")) _<BR> AND trim(rsData6("Qual_num")) = trim(rsHis6("Qual_num")) then <BR><BR>etc...<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>

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    Default Well, I see *TWELVE* tables... use in THAT code. Or at least 12 recordsets, and from the point of view of the VBS code, that&#039;s the same thing.<BR><BR>And what happens if the *data* in the two tables is the same but the *order* is different.<BR><BR>I think you need to show us your database design and some sample records.<BR><BR>

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