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    I know this isnt necessarily an asp question, but I dont care!<BR><BR>Im continually amazed at the level of professionalism on this site and especially the effort made in assisting us members with our questions. Myself personally wish to thank everyone for their ongoing support with my queries and would like to also encourage other members to do the same. Without the assistance from this site, I just dont know where I&#039;d be!<BR><BR>To the guys...<BR><BR>Bill Wilkinson<BR>Russell M<BR>Jason Vetter<BR>ReaperMan<BR>Atrax<BR>God<BR>Oliver Kinne<BR><BR>I big bloody THANK YOU! You guys are tops!<BR><BR>John

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    I am above God.<BR>Even have my own Halo 2!<BR><BR>{:o)~~~~~~~~~~<BR><BR>Anytime mate.<BR><BR>

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