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    Good Afternoon,<BR>How do I insert a Fireworks NavBar in a Dreamweaver page...

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    About exporting pop-up menus<BR>Fireworks generates all the JavaScript necessary to view pop-up menus in web browsers. When a Fireworks document containing pop-up menus is exported to HTML, a JavaScript file called mm_menu.js is exported to the same location as the HTML file. <BR><BR>When you upload your files, you should upload mm_menu.js to the same directory location as the web page containing the pop-up menu. If you want to post the file to a different location, you must update the hyperlink referencing mm_menu.js in the Fireworks HTML code to reflect the custom location. If your document contains several pop-up menus, or you have several documents with pop-up menus, Fireworks does not create extra mm_menu.js files; only a single file is used for all menus in all documents. <BR><BR>When you include submenus, Fireworks generates an image file called arrows.gif. This image is the tiny arrow that appears next to a menu entry that tells users a submenu exists. No matter how many submenus a document contains, Fireworks always uses the same arrows.gif file. <BR><BR>For more information about exporting HTML and JavaScript, see Exporting HTML. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Exporting HTML<BR>Unless you specify otherwise, when you export a sliced Fireworks document, what you’re actually exporting is an HTML file and a series of images. <BR><BR>Fireworks generates pure HTML that can be read by most web browsers and HTML editors. There are a variety of ways to export Fireworks HTML: <BR><BR>Export an HTML file, which you can later open for editing in an HTML editor.<BR>Copy HTML code to the Clipboard in Fireworks, and then paste that code directly into an existing HTML document.<BR>Export an HTML file, open it in an HTML editor, manually copy sections of code from the file, and paste that code into another HTML document.<BR>Use the Update HTML command to make changes to an HTML file you’ve previously created.<BR>Note: Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage share a tight integration with Fireworks. Fireworks handles the export of HTML to these applications differently than it does other HTML editors. If you are exporting Fireworks HTML to either of these applications, see Using Fireworks with Other Applications.<BR><BR>You can also export HTML as Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) layers. Fireworks supports UTF-8 encoding and XHTML, so you can export documents using these standards as well. <BR><BR>To define how Fireworks exports HTML, you use the HTML Setup dialog box. These settings can be document-specific or used as your default settings for all HTML that Fireworks exports. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Using Fireworks with Other Applications<BR>Whether you’re creating content for the web or multimedia, Macromedia Fireworks MX is an essential component of any designer’s toolbox. Fireworks works well with other applications, offering a variety of integration features that streamline the design process. <BR><BR>You can export Fireworks graphics to many applications, including other Macromedia products. When used in conjunction with other Macromedia applications, Fireworks offers powerful integration features: <BR><BR>Fireworks can be launched to edit selected graphics from inside many Macromedia applications, such as Dreamweaver, Flash, HomeSite, FreeHand, and Director.<BR>Fireworks behaviors are preserved upon export to many Macromedia applications, allowing you to export interactive elements such as buttons and rollovers.<BR>Dreamweaver and Fireworks share a tight integration known as Roundtrip HTML. Roundtrip HTML allows you to make changes in one application and have those changes seamlessly reflected in the other.<BR>Flash and Fireworks also share a tight integration. You can import Fireworks PNG source files directly into Flash without having to export to any other graphics format. Flash offers a variety of options that allow you to control how Fireworks objects and layers are imported.<BR>Fireworks also simplifies the task of working with non-Macromedia applications. You can easily launch and edit Fireworks graphics and tables from Microsoft FrontPage, for example, or import and export Photoshop graphics as fully editable files. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Does this help? It&#039;s from the help file in fireworks. I personally, have never used either Dreamweaver or Fireworks(for anything other than basic picture editing)

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