Can I use postback to return multiple web pages?

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Thread: Can I use postback to return multiple web pages?

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    I have an ASP.NET 1.1 site that I am developing (first time user of ASP.NET...). Basically, when they first get to the page it shows them a list of options they can select (date ranges, graphing options, etc). When they have made the selections they want, they click on the submit button and the application pulls data from a remove SQL server, generates the requested indicator packages and displays the results to them. All of this is working just fine.<BR><BR>The part that is stumping me right now is that I want to add an additional option for them that would allow them to retreive the raw data in Excel format in addition to displaying the indicators.<BR><BR>Obviously, there are several different methods for creating Excel worksheets in ASP.NET and populating the sheet with data from a database. The main question is how do I have my application continue to return the orginal indicator packages that they requested to the original browser they made the request from AND bring up the save to/open dialog box so they can save the Excel sheet without disturbing the original web page.<BR><BR>Any one have any ideas on how to cleanly do this in .NET? I&#039;m sure the answer is trivial and I just overlooked it...<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Clint

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    open the excel page in a new page...I think..<BR><BR>Look into "response-content" or something like this. <BR><BR>I think google has examples<BR>

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