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    Hi<BR><BR>I&#039;m looking to start building (at some point) a multi-lingual website in .net (c#). To start with it&#039;ll be in only English and Spanish and I&#039;m looking for some references or documents on the best way to go about this.<BR><BR>Has anyone got any experience of this and could perhaps point me in the right direction?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I worked on an ASP project that was desgined for both English and French. There were 2 folders, each with English and French pages. The URL , for example, was http://whatever/Eng/firstpage.asp <BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>http://whatever/Fra/firstpage.asp<BR><BR>Then on the English pages, there was a link: "French"..if you clicked that, you&#039;d get the french page. Same for French pages.

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