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    I&#039;ve been trying to find out whether installing Visual Web Developer 2005 will interfere with my installation of VS.Net 2003<BR><BR>e.g. will it update my local framework to 2.0, will it overwrite local files?<BR><BR>Anyone know before I try?

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    Default don't do it

    do NOT install beta software (which .NET framework and web developer both are) over RTM stuff unless you don&#039;t mind a reformat<BR><BR>as for updating the framework, it won&#039;t.... 2.0 and 1.1 can run side by side.... but you&#039;ll run into issues because of the beta thing

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    Only issue I have had so far is that 2005 will update IIS to use 2.0 even though it uses it&#039;s own server.<BR><BR>run aspnet_regiis.exe after to restore 1.x<BR><BR>All the warnings about beta are there for a reason.

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