I would like to know if any of you have any recommendation on tools, regular expressions, unix scripts or anything helpful about string extraction in an ASP page for globalization. <BR><BR>I have a site built in ASP that intermingles HTML and ASP. I want to take all language specific strings (or in general, any string) and extract it to a resource file. On runtime, I want to chose which string to use depending on the user&#039;s language. Now for the coding part I&#039;m not interested in a solution for that. I want to know an efficient way to extract my strings. <BR><BR>Possibly, if someone had an automated tool to move declarations (dim x) to the top of the page, that might help me automate a few things if I created a script manually. In addition, if someone else had an automated tool to create necessary dims for pages using option explicit, that would help too. (The code base I have to build on is horrible. Any automated tools that get me closer to seperating the code from the page structure would be one step closer to enabling me to port everything to .NET)<BR><BR>Thanks for your insight.<BR><BR>Jason<BR>