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    Hi there<BR><BR>I am using CDONTS to send email, and it usually works fine. However sometimes mail just doesnt go thru - and I know the recipient address is correct.<BR><BR>Is there any sort of validation that recipient email servers may have (eg to prevent spam) that check the &#039;from&#039; address? Eg. if my routine sends a message from &#039;;, could this email ever be blocked because the sending server is not a legitamate hotmail server? Or anything similar?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Mark

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    Default Yes, it is very well possible that...

    ...your e-mail doesn&#039;t reach the recipient because there is a spam filter installed - either on the recipient&#039;s own computer or at the ISP. How this filter works is hard to say. Some filter on the sender&#039;s e-mail address, some on the content, others on both and there are some that check for things like which route the e-mail took to see if the sender spoofed the e-mails origin. It&#039;s all hard to say without looking at each individual case.<BR><BR>However, usually spam filters allow you to specify senders&#039; e-mail addresses that should be let through untouched. This means you could ask the recipients to add your e-mail address to their so-called "white list" (some filter have different names) and your e-mails should get through again.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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