I&#039;m trying to validate against a value in a dropdown list. I have a set of drop down controls that pull a value from a database and I want to make sure a value with a digit is selected when the "Save" button is clicked. I&#039;ve got everything on the page working except the validation. The expression I&#039;m using is [d{1,3}]. <BR>My code looks like this:<BR><BR>Public Overrides Sub CustomValidate(ByVal Action As TemplateAction, ByVal ControlID As String, ByVal CurrentPageID As String)<BR> Dim r as new regex<BR> select case Action<BR><BR> case TemplateAction.Commit<BR> select case CurrentPageID<BR> <BR> case "pvItem"<BR> if ControlID = "ibSave" OrElse ControlID = "ibSaveAndNew" then<BR> if tddlCategory.Value = <BR> <BR> end select<BR><BR>End Sub<BR><BR>Obviously I&#039;m missing the necessary code. The tddlCategory is the control to validate. <BR><BR>ANY help would be fantastic.