I have a fairly advanced ASP.NET question about WebControl placement. I have a project where I am trying to extract coordinates from a COM based application that plots the placement of controls on a Windows form. I have been able to extract the coordinates just fine which relate differently to the coordinates on a Web Form, but I am attempting to compensate for that mathmatically. <BR><BR>The problem that I am running into is placing the controls on a Web Form in a specific location. I have been working with using CSS Positioning with horrible results. I devised another plan of using table cell mapping which was unsuccessful due to the time it is taking to dynamically create my tables, rows and cells which I have mapped out based off of a 1024 by 768 table size. I figured this to be my best option and have had no success. There is just too many table rows and cells to generate. I am tailoring this ASP.NET application to be dynamic based off the data retrieved from the COM based application which may differ from one database to another. <BR><BR>I am wondering if there is a more efficient way of performing this task?<BR><BR>Example Code:<BR>Sub my_table(ByVal ylocation As Integer, ByVal xlocation As Integer)<BR>mytable As New System.Web.UI.WebControls.Table<BR>mytable.id = "tbl1"<BR>findControl("plh1").Controls.Add(mytable )<BR>Dim i As Integer<BR>For i = 1 to 1000<BR>Dim j As Integer<BR>Dim mytablerow As New System.Web.UI.WebControls.TableRow<BR>mytablerow.i d = "r" & i<BR>findControl("tbl1").Controls.Add(mytablerow)< BR>For j = 1 to 1000<BR>Dim mytablecell As New System.Web.UI.WebControls.TableCell<BR>mytablecell .id = "r" & i & "c" & j<BR>findControl("r" & i).Controls.Add(mytablecell)<BR>Next<BR>Next<BR>Di m k As Integer<BR>For k = 1 to 1000<BR>If ylocation = k Then<BR>Dim l As Integer<BR>For l As Integer<BR>If xlocation = l Then<BR>Dim btn As New System.Web.UI.WebControls.Button<BR>btn.id = "btn" & k & l<BR>btn.text = "btn" & k & l<BR>findControl("r" & k & "c" & l).Controls.Add(btn)<BR>End If<BR>Next<BR>End If<BR>Next<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>-- ASPX File only has the asp:PlaceHolder Control with id = "plh1"<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR>Thanks<BR>Charles<BR><BR>