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    I am trying to run a report from a subform, filtering the data on a field in the subform. I refer to this in the report query as:<BR><BR>[Forms]![frm_Contacts]![Subscription].[Form]![Subscription_Ref]<BR><BR>Where frm_Contacts is the main form, Subscription is the control name of the subform and Subscription_Ref is the value I want to filter on.<BR><BR>However every time I click on the button in the form to run the report, I am prompted to &#039;Enter Parameter Value&#039; for the above reference. <BR><BR>Can anyone tell me what I&#039;m doing wrong?

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    Default You're probably better off...

    ...posting this in a Microsoft Access specific discussion forum. This one is more about using ASP and SQL to get data out of a database, rather than designing forms, reports, etc. in MS Access.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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