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    I have a .asp page which calls an object to display a iframe and data in it. Users in my company want me to increase the iframe size so they can see more of the data displayed inside it without having to scroll. I&#039;m sure the iframe is mentioned in the object since I couldn&#039;t find it in the asp page. the code for calling the object reads as : <BR>&#060;OBJECT ID="Test" WIDTH=585 HEIGHT=312<BR> CLASSID="CLSID:9C799D50-ABCC-11D2-9018-006008B02CCA"<BR> CODEBASE="../Download/Test.CAB#version=5,0,0,240"&#062;<BR>&#060;/OBJECT&#062;<BR>Should I open up the file in vstudio, find the the iframe code and change the height and width and save it? are there any other steps involved?

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    Looks like modifying the object in visual studio will sort it.<BR><BR>Remember to update the version number though, and the version number in all your pages, to ensure that your users see the new version.<BR><BR>Craig.

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