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    I&#039;ve created a guestbook that has 10 comments per page. But the way I&#039;ve been getting between different sets of records is by using Query Strings eg<BR><BR>guestbook.asp?commstart=21&commend=30 <BR><BR>to say which set of comments I want to view. But this isn&#039;t a good way of doing it because it means that each time i load up a page, I load up a new connection, new recordset, and so that uses up resources and annoys my server because I&#039;m logging in and out of the database each time. <BR><BR>So is there anyway of changing the code so that instead of running the database connection each time, I pass the record set across so that I only have to do one connection per person and that person can view all the records they want on that connection?<BR><BR>Many thanks, hope that all makes sense

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    Default Not a bad things at all

    If you google PAGING, you will see they do someting like that, it takes a LOT of resources to actually pass a recordset across pages or save in a session variable. You CAN think of throwing the data into an array and then using that across pages but henestly, what you are doing it not that bad, just ensure your query is effecient and you ahve connectin pooling enabled<BR><BR>

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