hi,<BR>i have a doubt in accessing dataview in ado.net.<BR>my code is:-<BR> Sub bindgrid1()<BR> Dim ds1 As DataSet<BR> &#039;Dim dv As New DataView()<BR> Dim adap1 As SqlDataAdapter<BR><BR><BR> adap1 = New SqlDataAdapter("select * from bomlnkdtl", con)<BR> Dim dt As New DataTable("bomlnkdtl")<BR> &#039;ds = New DataSet()<BR> Dim dv = New DataView(ds1.Tables("bomlnkdtl"), "making_unit = &#039;27&#039;", "making_unit", DataViewRowState.CurrentRows)<BR><BR> &#039;adap1.Fill(dv, "bomlnkdtl")<BR> DataGrid1.DataSource = dv<BR> DataGrid1.DataBind()<BR><BR><BR> End Sub<BR><BR>when executing it is giving error like this:-<BR>Object reference not set to an instance of an object. <BR>Line 159: Dim dv = New DataView(ds1.Tables("bomlnkdtl"), "making_unit = &#039;27&#039;", "making_unit", DataViewRowState.CurrentRows)<BR><BR>can anyone help me in this regard,<BR><BR>thankx in advance,<BR>ulaga