Hello!<BR><BR>I&#039;m totally new to XML and I need to set up a RSS feed on news and jobs section of a site (done in ASP).<BR>I read lots about it and it seems very simple to be done (the XML file) from our site. <BR><BR>However, I don&#039;t understand some details (quite important ones) such as:<BR>- I&#039;ll put the orang XML button on my site saying (RSS feed option) where users can download a list of the news / jobs in the site... do they have to download it manually and integrate on their site? Or there is a way of doing this automatically?<BR>- If I want to get some feed from other sites to my site (eg: I want some BBC news), how do I do for them to appear automatically in my site instead of me downloading the xml file each time?<BR><BR>Thank you so much for any help! Grazi