Hi all,<BR><BR>I have this coldfusion LDAP query script but I wanted to ASP.net to query LDAP. I&#039;ve tried many ways of ASP or ASP.Net scripts but it won&#039;t work. Here is the coldfusion codes.<BR><BR>&#060;cfldap action="query" <BR> name="check_owner" <BR> attributes="uid,<BR> cn,<BR> mail,<BR> title,<BR> departmentname,<BR> manager,<BR> division,<BR> managementLevel,<BR> workertype" <BR> start="ou=People,o=xxx.com,o=xxx" <BR> filter="(&(departmentname=IT*)(division=xxx)"<BR> sort="uid" <BR> server="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"<BR> port="389"&#062;