Hi<BR><BR>I have a CMS that handles media uploads to my web server. At the front end of the site, a page called MediaDisplayPanel.ascx handles whichever kind of file has been uploaded (JPEG, GIF, BMP, MOV, MP4 etc) and displays it accordingly.<BR><BR>The MP4 file extension is a recent addition to the project and I used the following string to display it at the front end:<BR><BR>----------------------<BR>pnlQuickTime.Text = string.Format(@"&#060;embed src=&#039;{0}&#039; height=&#039;{2}&#039; width=&#039;{4}&#039;&#062;&#060;/embed&#062;", m_sDisplayFile, iHeight*24, iHeight, iWidth*24, iWidth);<BR>----------------------<BR><BR>This string is the same as the one used for the file extension MOV.<BR><BR>When I run the project locally (from http:\localhostProjectName) the file streaming works 100% fine. However, when I attempt to post this up to the live server, it does not display the MP4 file at all. Instead, it has a broken QuickTime link.<BR><BR>I understand this may or may not be an MP4 issue but I would greatly appreciate any knowledge anyone might have on this subject.<BR><BR>Thanks