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    Hi,<BR><BR> Which SQL Server 2000 edition is valid on XP. <BR>Is it possible to use SQL server database w/o installing SQL Server 2000?<BR>Coz someone said that to install MSDAC<BR><BR>But i am not sure. How can i ?<BR><BR>

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    Not MSDAC - MSDE.<BR><BR>But MSDE is just the database engine from SQL Server (basically - a few differences, but not many).<BR><BR>If you have SQL Server (and the developer edition&#039;s only £40 these days), then just install that rather than MSDE. At least that way you get Enterprise Manager etc.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Yeah, the developer edition...

    ...is a really sweet deal. If you can affort the $50 or £40 or so, it&#039;s definitely the best way to go.<BR><BR>You can download MSDE for free, but it comes with almost no "tools" and can be a pain to set up (took me three tries to get it right).<BR><BR>

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