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    Hi,<BR>I am using CDONTS on my site to send email, and it was working perfect before...but not it isn&#039;t working. It does not have any error, but just don&#039;t receive any email from the CDONTS on the site. <BR>Pleaes help.....<BR>Thanks!<BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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    Default well...

    what has changed since before?

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    well I presume that your application was residing on windows 2000 server and that now they would have upgraded to windows 2003 server.<BR><BR>windows 2003 server does not support "CDONTS".... you need to change your code for CDOSYS...there are a lot of articles reg cdosys...<BR><BR>Just Google "CDOSYS Tutorials"<BR><BR>Hope this helps<BR><BR>Jpn

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    &#062;well I presume that your application was residing on windows 2000 server and that now they would have upgraded to windows 2003 server.<BR><BR>What gives you that impression? CDONTS isnt natively supported on Windows 2000 server either. With the lack of information that has been provided in the original question, I think we&#039;re all guessing.

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    I agree with late_nights.<BR><BR>Sounds more like some settings have changed on the server and it can no longer relay properly. Unless you&#039;ve suppressed error messages, an upgrade would cause Server.CreateObject errors. And if you HAVE suppressed errors then it&#039;s your own stupid fault that you&#039;re not getting any descriptive messages. ;-)<BR><BR>Have you talked to your host about it?<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default well you said originally....

    that you *weren&#039;t* getting an error.<BR><BR>Ok. Are you using a remote smtp server or localhost? This is important as you will need to alter your code accordingly. If the web server is allowing *all connections* to the local smtp service try this...<BR><BR>Create an asp page. Call it &#039;mail.asp&#039; and dump this code straight in. You&#039;ll need to put your own email addresses in where I have noted below.<BR><BR>&#060;%&#039;SET THE MAIL OBJECT<BR>Dim objMail<BR>Dim objConfig<BR>Dim objFields<BR><BR>Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")<BR>Set objConfig = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")<BR>Set objFields = objConfig.Fields<BR> <BR>With objFields<BR>.Item("")= 2<BR>.Item("")= ""<BR>.Item("")= 25<BR>.Update<BR>End With<BR> <BR>strBody = "Hello World!"<BR> <BR>With objMail<BR> <BR>Set .Configuration = objConfig<BR>.To = "[put your email address in here]"<BR>.From = "[put your email address in here]"<BR>.Subject = "NEW CDOSYS SCRIPT"<BR>.textbody = strBody<BR>.Send<BR> <BR>End With<BR> <BR>Set objMail = Nothing<BR>Set objConfig = Nothing<BR>Set objFields = Nothing<BR><BR>response.write "MAIL SENT!"%&#062;<BR><BR>Bring the page up in the browser and see how you go. This should be a start anyway.<BR><BR>John

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