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    Dear Expert<BR>I want to send Email from my ASP.Net web pages to yahoo and hotmail.I have IIS,Dot.Net installed and worked fine.I have developed database driven in but I have no idea how to work with mail services of have collected some demo from different mail code and I run them but the mail are stored on the inetpub/mailroot/queue directory.How can send them to yahoo mail or hotmail.Can you help what configuration required of IIS and what things I need to be considered?

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    Sending mail is fairly simple in ASP.NET: Create the System.Web.Mail.MailMessage object, define its To, and From properties, add some text to the Body, and once you have the message ready, send it using:<BR><BR>SmtpMail.SmtpServer = your.smtp.server<BR>SmtpMail.Send(mailMessage);<BR ><BR>In order for this to work you need an Smtp Server running on your web server. IIS has a built in SMTP server that you&#039;ll need to configure (usually called Default SMTP Virtual Server).<BR><BR>You&#039;ll probably need to edit the properties of the SMTP Server. You may need to enable relaying for your specific IP address.<BR><BR>Check the Help in IIS, you should be able to find more information.<BR><BR>-Steve<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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